Benefits Of Accreditation

Benefits Of Accreditation

QAC accreditation delivers a number of important benefits to conformity assessment bodies that enhance confidence in conformity assessment.

Highlight your competence
By meeting QAC's internationally-recognised policies and procedures on a regular basis you highlight your competence in performing conformity assessment activities.

Demonstrate your independence
For an effective assessment to occur the independence of the conformity assessment body is paramount. QAC accreditation emphasises the independence of the conformity assessment body in performing the assessment.

Gain international recognition
QAC increases the likelihood of smooth access to overseas markets for companies using QAC accredited certification and inspection services.

Benchmark your performance
Regular assessments by QAC's audit teams allow you to determine whether you are performing your assessment activities correctly and to appropriate standards, as well as providing your business with a benchmark for measuring future performance against.

It's the mark of the Professional
QAC operates in a third party assessment environment. Third party assessment is recognised around the world as the highest level of assessment, and QAC accreditation demonstrates to your customers and others that your conformity assessment services are meeting the highest levels of professionalism in the conformity assessment industry. QAC accepts applications for accreditation from conformity assessment bodies around the world.